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Windshield, Chip and Window Repair in Napa

If you live in or around Napa, CA the only place you need to call for any of your Auto Glass repair needs is Vic's Auto Glass at (707) 225-7660. We are a locally Owned company that has been in business since 2006. We are certified to work on any vehicle; car, light truck, heavy duty truck and heavy equipment machinery (Construction, Industrial, Commercial & Fleet Vehicles).

We specialize in Auto Glass Replacement including; Windshield, Chip and Window Repair.Windshield, Chip and Window Repair in Napa

Windshield Repair and Replacement

When you think of your car and keeping it in top shape, what do you think of? While things like regular maintenance and tune-ups are important for auto health, we think of your windshield as being every bit as important as anything else related to your vehicle. And when a problem arises like a chip split, or similar issue, we’re here and ready to help you.

Minor scratches and dings in the windshield are something our technicians can handle with ease, and most damage that is relatively small can be patched or otherwise repaired by our skilled technicians. But sometimes there is simply no option other than to provide a full windshield replacement. If this is the case, we can still provide you with exactly what you need no matter what type of vehicle you drive.

When it comes time for a new Windshield, Rear Window, or Passenger Window to be installed we strive to offer the lowest cost Auto Glass installation in Napa.Windshield Repair and Replacement

Chip Repair Services

Even though your Windshield has a chip or you may not require a full Windshield replacement. Modern technology has paved the way for extensive Windshield repair and preservation; most cases of chips can be easily repaired in under an hour at minimal cost!

Vic's Auto Glass uses the latest Chip Repair technology available to repair those dinged and damaged Windshields. During our assessment, we will determine whether or not your Windshield falls into the repairable category. If so, we’ll perform a fast and efficient chip repair process to get you back on the road with less cost.

Window Repair

Break-ins and vandalism are the top reasons for Car Door Window replacement. However, Car Door Window replacement could also be due to your Door Glass becoming stuck in one position or erratic movement when the electric power motor is engaged. There are four main parts that make up a car door window apparatus; the glass itself (door glass), the electric power window motor, the car window regulator, and the car window elevator.

Car window motor replacement is another type of car door window replacement. This service is intended to restore your car's electric power window to its operational state. You need car window motor replacement if your car's door glass has stopped moving, makes strange sounds, moves unusually slowly, or you've heard a "pop" sound and the glass has disappeared into the door. In all of these cases some part of your car window has failed. There are three separate parts that allow for electric powered door glass to move; the electric motor which drives the movement, the regulator which attaches to the glass, and the elevator which the regulator slides within.